ROOR - 99 Series - 18mm Tree Ashcatcher w/ Slide - 90º - Black


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99 Series - The Ninety Nine line are highly quality functional glass

pieces that contains a small visual flaw or blemish. Each

piece that is deemed as a Ninety Nine piece is marked

with the Ninety Nine logo and all imperfection are

disclosed. A Ninety Nine piece may contain a scratch on

the glass, a blemish in the logo, or uneven sandblasting.

What you will not find is cracks, imperfect angles, or a

different quality of glass, the imperfection are visual only

and with never interfere with the performance the piece.

Since these pieces are not consider 100% perfect we here

are Roor do not expect our customers to pay full price

18mm Female Joint

18/18mm ROOR Single Hole Downstem

90º Angle

ROOR Label & Signature; Signature May Vary

Designed to Keep Primary Functional Cleaner & Add Secondary Chamber


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