Below are our recent product drops from the past month!  

Photo of Glass by Ging Karmaline & Coldworked Banger Hanger, Bubble Cap & Marble


Drop Date: 5/13/2021
Our third drop from Glass by Ging is the result of a progression in quality, aesthetic & technique! Check out his gorgeously cold-worked Tubes, Caps and Marbles!



Drop Date: 4/26/2021
This is our first order from Shadooba, who has crafted us a gorgeous lineup of his Kickback Recyclers in a variety of different colors!.  We still have some models available, check them out here!


Photo of Ben Wilson Donut & Beach Slide


Drop Date: 4/26/2021
We got a killer order of disc-screen slides in from Ben WIlson and there are still some beautiful ones left, check them out here!


Photo of US Tubes 18" Beaker & Ash Catcher


Drop Date: 4/26/2021
This US Tubes order contains a broad selection of 18" Beakers in 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm as well as a bunch fo new Ash Catchers and Dry Catchers!

Photo of Brando Spacetech Banger Hanger & Fumed Minitube


Drop Date: 4/26/2021
Brando created a beautiful line-up of affordable worked bubblers for us in our latest orders.  Space Tech, Fume, and Color Encalmos adorn these affordable custom banger hangers and minitubes!



Drop Date: 4/26/2021
We have had many orders from OG Master Freeek Glass over the years, and his latest order features some of his most gorgeous solo work yet!  We still have some bubblers, recyclers, dries and accessories available!