Below our our most Recent Product Drops older than our Latest Drops!


Shop Illadelph Glass!


We are pleased to announce that we have just received an order featuring a wide selection of clear Beakers, Straights, 20th Anniversary Tubes, Custom Beakers, Signature Series Tubes and Ash Catchers! This entire order is available in our San Mateo & Walnut Creek locations as well as our online store!


Santa Cruz Glass Proxy Attachments

Santa Cruz Glass

We just received a beautiful order from Santa Cruz Glass including Puffco Proxy attachments and Dry Catchers! This entire order is now available in The Cave - San Mateo and online!


Shop C2 Custom Creations!

Custom Creations (C2 Glass)

We have received a large order from C2 featuring a wide selection of their functional Scientific Models including, Bubblers, Tubes & Ash Catchers. This order is available in each of our stores as well as our online store!


Get Ready For Our Upcoming Drop From Harold Ludeman!

Harold Ludeman

We have a beautiful order from Harold Ludeman including spoons, chillums, slides, gandalfs and collaborations. This order is available in store at The Cave - San Mateo for local purchase only!


Shop Our Recent Drop From Sovereignty!

Sovereignty Glass

Sovereignty Glass sent us a fire order of accessories and merch including slides, dry catchers, ash catchers, cups, mason jars, Vector Torch lighters and Moodmats. This order is currently being processed and photographed. Keep your eyes peeled for more drop details coming soon!


Shop Unity Glass Works!

Unity Glass Works

Unity Glass is a SF Bay Area based artist that creates a wide range of stellar work in the form of functionals and accessories. 


Shop AKM Glass!


AKM is returning to the Bay Area with a drop in our San Mateo location going down November 19th, 2022. This entire drop is now available online and in store in our San Mateo location.


Shop Santa Cruz Glass

Santa Cruz Glass

Santa Cruz Glass dropped off an incredible lineup of recyclers and drylock's featuring popping color accents and beautiful shaping. 


Shop Our Recent Drop From Ery Glass!

Ery Glass

Ery Glass is based out of Santa Cruz, California and has been crushing out high functioning recycler designs for quite some time. This drop contains a wide selection of clear, color accented and even a collaboration recycler, as well as, a beautiful lineup of Puffco attachments.


Shop Our Recent Drop From ROOR!

ROOR Glass

We just dropped a huge order from ROOR featuring an incredible selection of Beakers, Straight Tubes, Ash Catchers, Bubblers, Accessories, Coldworked Tubes, and a selection of Tubes with Gem inlays. 


Shop Grizzly Glass

Grizzly Glass Co.

Grizzly Glass Company is a New Jersey based scientific studio that specializes in beautifully shaped beakers with linework & coldworked accents. This order is now available online and in The Cave - San Mateo!


Shop Mobius Glass!


Mobius sent us another fire order with a wide selection of their clear models! This order is currently available in The Cave - San Mateo as well as our online store!


Shop Our Selection Of ELBO Glass!


We are pleased to announce that we have received another order from Hey.Elbo! Keep an eye on our Instagram page for drop details coming soon!


Shop Our Selection Of GZ1 X ELBO Supply Co!


We are pleased to announce that we dropped a fire selection of rolling trays, ash trays and jars from GZ1's recent collaboration with ELBO Supply Co. This drop features classic GZ1 designs including the "9-5 Is An Inside Job" design and the "Puking Earth" character.  


Mystic Timber Drop!


We received a huge restock of Mystic Timber dabber tools and roach clips! These tools and clips feature a variety of wood handles and specifically shaped metal tips for different consistencies of concentrate.


Takoda Madrona Drop!


We received a fire drop of Terp Screws and marble slurper sets from Takoda Madrona in a wide variety of color options! These Terp Screws bring a unique aesthetic to any slurper setup and are designed for optimal function!


Crunklestein Drop!


We are very excited to announce that legendary glass artist, Crunklestein AKA Cap'n Crunk, has blessed us with an insanely fire order! Known for his complex millie techniques and immaculate sculpting, Crunklestein has been creating beautiful pieces of functional glass art for quite some time! 


Shop Our Selection Of Luda Glass!


LUDA brought the heat with this drop in the form of his Munny design! This drop contains a variety of Munnies with different hand gestures and a whole lot of attitude! 


Tube Sock Glass Hustle Drop!


We will be dropping a gorgeous order of Brain Bubblers from Tubesock Glass Hustle! These Brain Bubblers feature a simple but unique recycler design with a single drain and a color accented "brain" return!  


Shop The Mighty + By Storz & Bickel


An updated version of one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market, the Mighty by Storz & Bickel. The Mighty + can be charged to 80% in approximately 40 minutes through its updated USB-C socket, and features a ceramic coated filling chamber providing optimal flavor. 


Shop J Park Glass Drop!


Based out of Santa Cruz, California, J Park Glass has been killing it with his affordable clear mini tubes! These mini tubes serve as great travelers or entry level dab rigs with their sleek design and solid shaping. 


Shop Stundenglass Kompact!


We just received the newest sensation from Stündenglass, the Kompact Gravity Infuser. The Kompact features the same patented 360° gravity system, dynamic design, and immersive experience as the original, now available in a more refined, portable size that includes a custom-fit travel case.


Shop US Tubes Beaker & Dry Catchers Drop!


We have received a beautiful selection of beakers and dry catchers from US Tubes. If you aren't familiar with US Tubes, they are known for their unparalleled thickness and high-functioning designs. This drop of beakers, dry catchers and downstems features some really eye-catching label colors and the same quality control US Tubes has always been known for!


Shop Headie Eddie's Cleaner



Shop Cave Merch!


We are very excited to announce that we will be dropping a huge selection of Cave merch in the form of hoodies, crewnecks and t-shirts! 


Black Market Glass Drop!

Black Market Glass is based out of Portland, Oregon and is known for their high-performance quartz banger, the "Blender". The Blender features a quartz dish at the bottom of the cup, where the dab is loaded and then quickly propelled through the angled etching on the bottom of the dish! Once inside the cup, the dab will rapidly spin and cover the extensive surface area of the quartz giving the user an evenly vaporized dab! 


Shop Urbal Technologies!


Urbal Technologies produces affordable scientific glass and is known for their sturdiness and function. This drop contains a large selection of Urbal Technologies beakers in various styles and a variety of their 6-slit downstems in different colors and lengths! 


Shop Jakers Glass!


We have dropped a beautiful order of fumed out banger hangers and mini tubes from Jakers Glass! If you are unfamiliar with Jakers Glass, he has been blowing glass since 2013 and is known for his fume work and air trap designs. This drop also includes fully worked mini tubes with fume, crushed opal and linework sections! 


Shop Rickert Glass!


We received some beautiful Dry Catcher and Slide sets from Rickert Glass! These intricately worked dry catchers and slides feature tight linework and some eye catching color combinations!


Shop Cigar Cutters!


We dropped 5 new styles of Colibri Cigar Cutters! These high quality cutters feature two different blade styles that create differing cuts in the cigar! A quality cigar cutter is a great addition to any cigar smokers arsenal!


Aaron Vigil Accessories


Originally a Bay Area native, Aaron is now stationed out of Portland, Oregon and is known for his clean shaping and thick wall construction! This drop contains a wide selection of Bubble Caps, Spinner Caps and Slides! 


The Cali By Vibes


Bay Area Rapper and entrepreneur, Berner launched Vibes™ Papers with a specific focus on crafting high-quality paper with a slow burn that doesn't hinder the flavor of your herb. Their latest product, The Cali, is a pre-rolled paper with a tip that comes in 3 packs. The Cali comes in a variety of sizes including the 1, 2 and 3 Gram sizes making them perfect for any party!