Below our our most Recent Product Drops older than our Latest Drops!

Shop Tru Chalk Glass!


Drop Date: September 11th, 2021

Tru Chalk Glass sent us a beautiful selection of mini tubes with color and crushed opal accents! These tubes feature a fixed downstem design with exceptional shaping. This order is now available, so make sure to browse what is in stock to scoop yours today!


Shop Dohn Joe Glass!


Drop Date: September 10th, 2021

We received a fire order in from Dohn Joe Glass! Dohn Joe has been killing the recycler game with his intricate designs with high-function! We received a wide selection of his Spoolcycler design in various price points making them obtainable at most budgets!


Illadelph Glass!


Drop Date: September 4th, 2021

Illadelph Glass has been an industry staple in the scientific glass industry for some time now! This drop brought a variety of Straight Tubes and Beakers in multiple sizes with various logo variations!


Shop Ryno Glass!


Drop Date: August 28th, 2021

Legendary glass blower, Ryno hails from San Diego, California is known to many by his Instagram name, @SDRYNO. If you aren't familiar with Ryno, he is known for his interpretations of Ducks in both functional and non-functional forms! 


The Glass Mechanic


Drop Date: August 21st, 2021

The Glass Mechanic sent us a stellar order of Sake Bottle mini tubes with color and opal accents! This drop saw multiple price points with the same high-functioning design! Make sure to browse what is left from our drop to scoop yours before they're gone!


ZOB Glass


Drop Date: August 18th, 2021

Known for their clean assembly and unique percs, such as The Tunnel Perc and The Zobello, Zob continues to provide optimal function at an affordable price point. 


Dabhali Rugs!


Drop Date: August 5th, 2021

Dabhali produces mini rugs to be used as coasters for your headies! These rugs are handmade in Turkey and feature a high-quality build. This drop brought over 20 different designs from Dabhali featuring a variety of colors! 


NES Glass


Drop Date: July 31st, 2021

We dropped a beautiful array of work from NES glass out of sunny San Diego. NES is known for his color accented minitubes with dewar joints as well as his clean linework and millie encasements. This drop saw Puffco Tops and Mini Tubes to fit any price point! 


Shop ROOR 99 Series!


Drop Date: July 28th, 2021

We dropped a wide selection of ROOR 99 Series Tubes and Ash Catchers! The ROOR 99 Series is made up of  tubes and ash catchers with aesthetic imperfections, such as blemishes, healed cracks or tool marks. The 99 Series is a great opportunity to scoop ROOR quality function at a discount!


Shop Pho_Sco Glass!


Drop Date: July 16th, 2021

We received a gorgeous order from Pho_Sco glass, based out of Southern Oregon. Pho_Sco is known for his intricate slides and linework techniques. This drop contains a wide variety of slides, downstem sets and a beautiful dry! 



Drop Date: July 3rd, 2021

The Hive Series by Mothership Glass features an amazing illustration of Bees and Flora, with functionals feature the custom Bee "Hive" Perc.  We received a Elite Straight Fab in this series as well as Slides, Carb Caps, Chillums, Shotglasses, a Pint Glass and one o Mothership's new Sherlocks!  There are still items left, so make sure to check everything out!


Quave Charmers


Drop Date: July 2nd, 2021

Most collectors are very familiar with Quave Club Bangers, but this drop brings something special! We received a fresh order of The Charmer, Quave's high-performance banger with air flow. These bangers have a quartz dish along the outside of the cup with narrow angled holes that create a vortex inside the banger for your dabs to spin while maximizing the surface area the concentrate is exposed to.


Drop Date: June 26th, 2021

We got a new order from our friends at 7ten Glass, known for their tiny 6mm and 10mm Banger Hangers!  There are clear, color and worked models available.  We also got a killer variety of Sculpted Terp Pearls.  Stay tuned to this page and our Instagram for more info!


Drop Date: June 18th, 2021

We recently received a stellar order from the legendary Toro Glass studio. filled with awesome functionals and their extremely popular quartz nails, the Grail & Terp Slurper!  The drop took place on June 18th and sold out by the end of the Weekend.


Drop Date: June 19th, 2021

Our next event is with Flex Glass this Saturday!  VIP Tickets are still available to lock in a purchase appointment for the event, which can be done In-Stone OR Online  We will be running appointments on Saturday, followed by a Live Sale on Instagram Live that afternoon.  Remaining work will go up over the the remainder of the weekend and Monday!


Drop Date: June 13th @ San Mateo

It has been such a pleasure to carry the Swiss Perc brand in our Stores again!  Our second order contained a Lava Accented Sidefeeder, a Clear Mini Side-Feeder, and a Sandblasted Full Size.  They all sold at the local arm of the drop, unfortunatley.


Drop Date: June 12th, 2021

Our most recent Mobius Drop contained FSS, Custom, Coldworked and clear models, including the Nano V2 & Strato V2 with Matrix & Reti Percs, as well as the new Micro III.  The drop hit The Cave San Mateo at Opening, and remaining pieces quickly sold after the Online drop at 6PM PST. Stay tuned for our next drop!


Drop Date: June 1st, 2021

We have received a new order from Mothership Glass of accessories from Hive series!  Shot glasses, pint glasses, slides and caps hit our online store and some are still available!


Drop Date:  May 28th, 2021

Our first order with Unity Glassworks will featured some awesome worked slides, bubble caps, mini tubes and more!  Unity's work is clean and a perfect example of quality American Glass!



Drop Date: May 29th, 2021

We have been sitting on an order from Herbert Sherbet  for a couple months as we have been combining it with a stash of older pencils we found at our sister store!  We dropped everything Saturday May 29th.


Drop Date: June 4th, 2021

Harold Ludeman made us. Beautiful order of slides, downstems and sets!  We still have some gorgeous slides featuring crushed opal, popping colors, and linework!  There are still some stems left as well, make sure to check them all out!


Drop Date: May 26th, 2021

We picked up three gorgeous recyclers from Captn Chronic while attend the Glass Vegas Event!  The three unofficially Two-And-Through are a great example of the artists range, including crushed opal, linework, faceting and the hottest colors! We dropped these on May 26th and there is one left!


Drop Date: May 18th @ 6pm PST

Ruby Pearl Co & The Cave bring your our Pearl Prize Candles!  Each candle comes in one of our scents, and has a one in ten chance to include a more rare pearl or pillard!  


Drop Date: May 20th @ 6pm PST

We recently received a gorgeous drop of custom worked ILL Glass functionals along side a restock of clear models!  This drop will hit our online store Thursday at 6PM PST!


Drop Date: May 21st @ 6pm PST

Our latest hey.elbo order featured the highly desired Dino Head Pillows and Vinyl Toys in yellow, plus some other great products!  We dropped this order online on Friday, May 21st.  It has sold out.


Drop Date: May 22nd @ 6pm PST

We picked up some Slurper Sets from Anton Glass that he made with Harold Cooney while we were at Glass Vegas this year!  We still have some left, check them out!

Photo of Pink 4-Piece Sharpstone Grinder


Drop Date: 5/13/2021
With our latest order of Sharpstone Grinders for our Retail Shops, we decided to add them all to the Online Store as well! Grab one of these affordable grinders right here!

Photo of Glass by Ging Karmaline & Coldworked Banger Hanger, Bubble Cap & Marble


Drop Date: 5/13/2021
Our third drop from Glass by Ging is the result of a progression in quality, aesthetic & technique! Check out his gorgeously cold-worked Tubes, Caps and Marbles!


Drop Date: 4/26/2021
This is our first order from Shadooba, who has crafted us a gorgeous lineup of his Kickback Recyclers in a variety of different colors!.  We still have some models available, check them out here!

Photo of Ben Wilson Donut & Beach Slide


Drop Date: 4/26/2021
We got a killer order of disc-screen slides in from Ben WIlson and there are still some beautiful ones left, check them out here!

Photo of US Tubes 18" Beaker & Ash Catcher


Drop Date: 4/26/2021
This US Tubes order contains a broad selection of 18" Beakers in 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm as well as a bunch fo new Ash Catchers and Dry Catchers!

Photo of Brando Spacetech Banger Hanger & Fumed Minitube


Drop Date: 4/26/2021
Brando created a beautiful line-up of affordable worked bubblers for us in our latest orders.  Space Tech, Fume, and Color Encalmos adorn these affordable custom banger hangers and minitubes!


Drop Date: 4/26/2021
We have had many orders from OG Master Freeek Glass over the years, and his latest order features some of his most gorgeous solo work yet!  We still have some bubblers, recyclers, dries and accessories available!