In this guide, we will provide guidance on component and accessories that the modern dabber uses in their kit.  If you're new to dabbing, check out our INTRO TO DABBING guide, which will walk you through the history and basics of this method of consumption!


Electronic Dab Rigs have been around for quite a while, integrating Vape industry tech with bubblers.  Few impressed us much until the Puffco Peak, a Smart Rig designed from the ground up, hit the market a few years back!  Some will argue that the best hits still come from traditional dab rigs, but some dabbers primarily use Smart RigsThere's plenty of pros with Smart Rigs, such as no need for a torch. Feel free to check out our INTRO TO SMART RIGS guide if you're interested in going that route.  This guide will focus on building out a traditional Dab Rig.


When it comes to dabbing, you want water filtration, but not too much!  Vapor cools much quicker than smoke, and when it drops to a certain temperature. So most people prefer smaller scientific bubblers for dabbing, usually with a female 10mm & 14mm Joint Type. There are also 5mm tiny dab rigs as well!  Dab rigs either feature a fixed stem setup, usually regarded as a Banger Hanger, or have a removable stem, also known as a Minitube.  A very popular design in the world of dab rigs is Recyclers, which give more function for their size through bigger percolators and a return drain.  


Quartz Bangers are the types of nails, or heatable elements, that are most popular to use with dab rigs.  Most common joint types are male 10mm & 14mm.  Most banger hangers have a 90° angle joint, so a 90° angle banger is used.  However, not all 45° dab rigs use a 45° banger.  Many mini tubes are designed to leaned back so that the joint points straight up, so in that case you would still use a 90° banger!  Head Diameter and a Head Shape contribute to multiple factors, such as surface area for flavor & internal shape for ease of cleaning. While the Bucket shape is the most popular, check out round bottoms. There are also other high-performance bangers such as the Toro Terp Slurper & the Quave Charmer.  Quartz Bangers are made in the USA & China, and we definitely see better purity and lifespan in American bangers!  We carry both to meet different folks budgets!


Carb Caps are how we are able to properly take dabs at low temperature, and are a necessary accessory to use with your banger.  After the dab is dropped in your banger, the carb cap is set over the opening to lock-in your low temperature and give you a fat, flavorful cloud!  A carb cap can be any form, all it needs to do on a basic level is restrict airflow.  That said, carb caps have evolved from basic restriction to airflow control, allowing unprecedented efficiency in our dabs.  First came directional carb caps, which are still favored by some.  The most popular cap over the past years has been the Bubble Cap, allowing you to push your dab around the banger to increase surface area exposure.  Spinner Caps are vying for the title, as they provide the most efficiency when combined with pearls by obliterating your dabs!


First things first - NO PROPANE or MAPP GAS - propane torches have their place, but produce TOO HOT a flame for quartz bangers.  They will shorten your lifespan dramatically by overheating your quartz.  Butane Torches have cooler flames, and are designed for single-handed use, which makes them convenient to use while holding your rig in the other hand.  Our favorite torch company is Blazercreators of the Japanese hand-built GT-8000 Big Shot!