Here our our Latest Drops! Here you will find product drops right after their drop time.  Make sure to check out our Upcoming Drops page to see what's on the horizon!   


Shop Our Latest Drop From Brian Jacobson!

Brian Jacobson

Drop Date: September 15th, 2023

We just received a gorgeous order from Brian Jacobson featuring his Filla Jammer design! This order is a great example of Brian's clean shaping as well as his expert execution on the flips and sections! 



Shop Our Latest Drop From Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

Drop Date: September 13th, 2023

We are very excited to have an order on the way from one of the OG's of this industry, Ben Wilson! This order features beautifully shaped functionals with eye catching colors, as well as a gorgeous selection of slides!



Illadelph Drop


Drop Date: September 4th, 2023

Illadelph blessed us with another beautiful order featuring a wide selection of their highly sought after Beakers, Straight Tubes, a very limited amount of Bubblers and Danklin tubes! 


Bear Quartz

Bear Quartz 

Drop Date: August 25th, 2023

We have a large order from Bear Quartz on the way featuring a wide range of restock items and some new additions to our store! 



Puffco 3D XL

Drop Date: August 9th, 2023

We just received a fresh restock of the new Puffco 3D XL Chambers! These new 3D Chambers feature a 78% larger bowl, provide about 2 times more vapor and are compatible with all Peak Pro models. These sold out very quickly last drop, so click the link to lock one in before they're gone!


Mobius Glass

Drop Date: August 4th, 2023

We are hyped to announce that we have another order on the way from top tier scientific studio, Mobius! This drop contains a wide selection of their clear models, Fume Series models and even some from the From Scratch Accent Series! This drop also brought an ample selection of slides and downstems! 


MoLTN Glass

Drop Date: July 30th, 2023

Southern California based scientific glass studio, MoLTN Glass sent us a beautiful selection of their double perc'd bubblers and tubes! 


Grassroots California

Grassroots California 

Drop Date: June 5th, 2023

We just received a fresh order in from Grassroots California featuring a wide selection of their high-quality hats in a variety of styles and designs! 


Shop NES Glass Online!

NES Glass

Drop Date: June 3rd, 2023

We just received a fire drop from NES Glass of his fully worked mini tubes featuring linework, fuming and millie inlay! These tubes are now available online! Click the link to check them out before they're gone!


Toro Glass

Drop Date: June 30th, 2023

Toro Glass sent us a beautiful spread of functionals, accessories and quartz which are now available online! This drop includes the new Terp Taster v2 Slurpers, Vortex Slurpers, XL Barrel Slurpers, Grails, Slides, Full Size Tubes, Jet Perc's, Macro's and Double Micros!


The New Puffco Peak Pro

Drop Date: June 12th, 2023

The new Peak Pro is the pinnacle of hash technology. This premium smart rig delivers incredible flavor and unparalleled performance. Unlock the fullest potential of the plant with its single-button interface, deep customization via the Puffco Connect app, and patented 3D Chamber. Featuring the Joystick Cap and laser cut perc slots for improved water filtration.


Sovereignty Glass


Drop Date: June 3rd, 2023

Sovereignty sent us an incredible spread of functionals, accessories & merch. When we get drops from this legendary scientific studio, they do not last long! 



Shop Exotic Snacks!

Exotic Snacks

Drop Date: May 8th, 2023

We just updated our Exotic Snack with more candy, chips and beverages from around the world! These treats are perfect for the post-sesh munchies!



Drop Date: April 14th, 2023

We have a huge order from Illadelph that just landed! This order includes a beautiful selection of their beakers, straight tubes, coil tubes and customs! 


Shop Gatez Glass online!

Gatez Glass

Drop Date: April 3rd, 2023

The majority of our last Gatez Glass order has sold and we are currently expecting a restock of his highly sought after fumed jammers! Known for his beautifully executed fume sections, refined shaping and thick construction, these pieces are a great addition to any collection!


Shop Mothership Glass 'Illusion' Series Drop

Mothership Glass

Drop Date: March 17th, 2023

Mothership Glass sent us an absolutely incredible order featuring an assortment of functionals and accessories from their recent 'Illusion' series!


Puffco Proxy - Desert Colorway

Puffco Proxy Desert

Drop Date: February 24th, 2023

We just dropped the all new Puffco Proxy color way featuring the same high-functioning technology as the original with an all new look! We only have a limited amount of these available so make sure to scoop one up before their gone!


Shop Kovacs Glass Tips Online!

Kovacs Glass

Drop Date: February 23th, 2023

Kovacs sent us some of his new glass joint tips and a limited amount of the highly anticipated Proxy adapters in both 10mm and 14mm 90° joint options! 


Shop RAW Rolling Papers Bulk Cones

Raw Rolling Papers

Drop Date: February 21st, 2023

We have just received a new order of Raw Rolling Papers including bulk packs of their cones in the Classic, Organic Hemp, Black, and Organic Black options, as well as both King Size and 1.25" sizes!


Shop Harold Ludeman Glass!

Harold Ludeman

Drop Date: February 17th, 2023

We have a very special drop from Harold Ludeman including spoons, chillums, slides, collabs & drinkware. This drop features popping colors, an insane amount of crushed opal and some absolutely blingin' dichro. This drop also contains some mindblowing collabs with Kevin Murray, as well as Blossom Glass. 


Shop Gatez Glass

Gatez Glass

Drop Date: February 5th, 2023

We are stoked to announce an upcoming drop from Gatez Glass! Known for his beautifully executed fuming and clean shaping, Gatez Glass has been killing the game! 


Shop Nes Glass!

NES Glass

Drop Date: January 28th, 2023

Nes Glass has been working on a huge order for us! this order contains a beautiful selection of mini tubes ranging from fully worked to clear with color accents! Also included in this order is a healthy selection of his Puffco Peak attachments! 


Shop Mothership Glass!

Mothership Glass

Drop Date: January 20th, 2023

The Mothership landed in The Cave - San Mateo for a Pop-Up event and left us with some absolutely stunning functionals and accessories! All remaining items can be found in this collection and in our San Mateo location.


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