Rolling Papers are one of the oldest staples of our industry.  They provide a simple and affordable delivery method for smoking herbs, and come in a variety of materials and sizes!


There are a variety of  different size options for rolling papers, as different customers have different preferences for the length and width of their herbal joints.  Single Wide's are the smallest standard paper, measuring at just 75mm x 35mm.  These are perfect for mini or shorty personal joints.  Next is 1 1/4" Papers, which are the industry standard size for rolling papers.  1 1/2" Papers and Double Wides are slightly shorter, but allow you to roll much fatter! The King Slim is the standard for longer papers, measuring at 110mm x 44mm, and the King Size holds a little more at 110mm x 54mm.  Beyond that there are larger sizes, but you will usually see them in Cones (see below).


Pictures of Various Rolling Papers Brands That Use Different Materials

There are a variety of different sources used in making the mulch for Rolling Papers.  The most popular is Rice, which gives a very neutral and smooth flavor when it burns.  

The next most popular is Hemp, which pairs well with the herbs rolled inside. Some brands like RAW & Vibes offer Organic Hemp.  There are also the famous Bambu brands Bamboo papers, as well as, OCB's newer Solaire papers which use Flax Seed.  One thing to also note is "Stamping".  Stamped papers are thinner, usually burn more evenly, minimize flavor effect, and are usually referred to as Ultrathin or Black editions.  It's best to try all the different paper varieties and decide which you like most!


Anything you do with your hands takes practice, and rolling is no exception!  It sounds simple, throw some herbs in the papers and just roll it up, but it's not that easy!  Multiple factors will effect how your joint smokes, from the overall shape, the shaping on the mouthpiece, how the material is broken down as well as how tightly packed it is!   You can find multiple videos online that detail rolling techniques and forms, and we'll add are own soon!


Photography of RAW & Vibes Cones in Various Sizes

Pre-rolled Cones have been insanely popular since they hit the market.  Instead of having to roll your herbs up, you can pack them into a cone and light up with ease!  Cones do still take patience to pack correctly, as it's best to pack pinches at a time and stamp them down. That said, once you have the process down, you can quickly make perfectly shaped joints of varying sizes.  How varying? RAW actually makes a bunch of different cones, from the slightly larger than King Size all the way up to multiple-foot RAWkets!  Cones from Berner's Vibes line have been quite popular, especially the new 'wood sized Cubano's!