This will be where you can find what orders we are expecting and processing. If a date or time is not set for the drop, it is still up in the air.  Check back soon for an update!   


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Drop Date: June 25th, 2022 (Pre Dibs Available Via Instagram DM)

We are excited to announce another killer drop from Mobius. This drop contains a wide selection of Mobius' highly sought after scientific lineup, as well as some beautiful sandblasted pieces and three very special fumed functionals. This order will be hitting The Cave - San Mateo at 10AM with any remaining pieces hitting the online store at 6PM PST. With that said, we are honoring Pre Dibs on this drop, so if you are interested in a specific piece from this drop, please DM us on Instagram and we will take care of you, first come first served! 



Get Ready For Our Upcoming Drop From Dohn Joe Glass!


Drop Date: TBD

Dohn Joe is sending another fire order of his signature Spoolcyclers  across multiple price points and styles. Upon arrival this order will be photographed and processed. More details on this drop are coming soon!


Get Ready For Our Upcoming Drop From Daniels Glass Art!


Drop Date: TBD

Daniels Glass Art dropped off a huge drop of functional banger hangers and Puffco attachments! This order is  currently being photographed and processed, with more details on the drop coming soon!