Don't know what you're looking for? Don't know what you will need? These guides are a great tool for anyone looking for in-depth explanations on the products we carry! 

 Rolling & Cones

Rolling papers are one of the oldest staples of our industry.  They provide a simple and affordable delivery method for smoking herbs, and come in a variety of materials and sizes! Click here to view our guide on Rolling & Cones!


Dry pipes are an efficient delivery system for smoking herbs, especially when you are on the go or trying to keep a small smoking kit! Click here to view our guide on Pipes!

 Bubblers & Tubes 

Bubblers use forms similar to those found in glass dry pipes, while tubes have forms of their own! Click here to view our guide on Bubblers & Tubes!


Dabbing is the hottest thing to hit our industry since the turn of the millennium. But what is dabbing?  It seems complicated!  Don't worry, we have all the answers in our guide to Dabbing!


Vaporizers have been a big part of our scene for decades, but there are many forms and they all have their perks! To learn more about vaporizers, click here to view our guide to Vaporizers!

 Artistic "Heady" Glass

Pipe making is the artisan craft of glass blowing and lamp working borosilicate glass into pipes! The term "heady" can mean many things, but in this guide we explain many of the aspects of what makes a pipe heady! Click here to learn more about Artistic "Heady" Glass!