ROOR.US - 99 Series - 22" Straight 50x5 - Black & White


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99 Series - The Ninety Nine line are instances of ROOR's high-quality functional glass pieces that contain a small visual flaw or blemish. Each piece that is deemed as a Ninety Nine piece is marked with the Ninety Nine logo. A Ninety Nine piece may contain scratches or healed cracks in the glass, a blemish in the logo, or uneven sandblasting. What you will not find is unhealed cracks or a different quality of glass; the imperfections are visual only and with never interfere with the performance or structure of the piece. Since ROOR Ninety Nine's are not consider 100% perfect, ROOR does not expect our customers to pay full price. The end result is ROOR performance at a great discount!

18/14mm Female 4-Slit Downstem

14mm ROOR Martini Slide

ROOR Label

Height: Approximately 22"

Width of Base: Approximately 5.5"

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