We are very excited to welcome you to Version 5 of THE CAVE Online!  This version is the culmination of months of effort to make a more cohesive, informative and enjoyable shopping experience! 


We have custom tailored our design for V5, developed in-house by some of the top members of our team.  Our new homepage features a vast amount of more products and categories for you to browse, and our collection/product pages have been tailored to provide you with more information, including estimated time until shipment!


We added much more content to our menus, which we have also developed to be updated quickly and consistently!  Each menu category itself will take you to a landing page with more info, so click around to discover everything we have to offer!


We started implementing Search Filters in V4, but have mastered them in V5!  From either the left column on our Search Results/Collection Pages or the menu on our Mobile version, customers can select facets to tailor their searches to their preferences.  You can select color, form, percolator, height, price range, just about any variable a smoker could think of!  You can stack multiple filters, so feel free to use them to dial down to your ideal product!


We decided to share our experience and knowledge through our new Guides, which is a great place for both novices and veterans to catch up on the latest products for Smoking, Dabbing, Vaping and more! We have more guides and articles planned that we will regularly be updating the site with!


In celebration of V5, we are dropping our order minimum on Free Ground Shipping from $150 to $50! Our new shopping cart try will let you know how much more you need to spend to qualify, so make sure to grab that cleaner or pack of papers to get your order over fifty!