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Hand Formed 10mm Female Joint to 5-Hole Puck Perc

Neo Opal/Bronze Pearl & Silver Strike Sections w/ Inlaid 24k Gold Filigree

Height: Approximately 7.75"

Width of Base: Approximately 2.5"

"“Can you see anything” “Yes, wonderful things!”-Howard Carter This piece is based on and ancient Egyptian magical stela. The stela belongs to a group of stelae known as the "Cippi of Horus" or 'Stelae of Horus on the crocodiles'. These types of stelae were used to protect the ancient Egyptian people from dangerous animals such as crocodiles and snakes. The Magical Stela is one of the largest and most complete of this kind.

It is theorized that in the reign of Nectanebo II, a priest named Esatum traveled to the burial place of the Mnevis bulls at Heliopolis. There he noticed certain inscriptions that he thought were interesting and ordered them to be copied onto a large block of stone. There the stela was created and stood for many years until Alexander the Great conquered the Persians in Egypt and it was brought to Alexandria." - Green T Glass

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