We do our best to carry all of the hottest Scientific Studios from around America! Many of these Studios have built their brands around certain aspects of their work, such as the thickness of the glass, the quality of the welds, exclusive percolators, or proprietary shaping and designs! Below is a list of the Heavy Hitter Scientific Studios that we regularly get drops from.

Leisure Glass


Made In: Southern California

The Leisure scientific studio was created by well-known artist Luke Wilson and operates out of Southern California. 


Mobius Glass


Made In: Central Coast, California

Mobius Glass was created by a highly-skilled and humble glassblower from the Central Valley of California known as Circle, or John. In the Fall of 2000, John was first introduced to the idea of glassblowing by an artist known as "Pyro". John was offered an apprenticeship opportunity with Pyro and quickly fell in love, prompting him to drop out of school and pursue functional glass as a career. Now, 20+ years later John has created one of the most recognizable and consistent Scientific Studios on the market, focusing on unprecedented function and beautifully shaped designs. One of the staples of the Mobius brand is the Matrix percolator, which is a highly efficient perc design with an upwards of 100 holes to simultaneously maximize function while minimizing drag.

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Mothership Glass


Made In: Bellingham, Washington

Mothership landed in Bellingham, Washington in 2013 and has since been pushing the envelope as to what it means to be a Scientific Glass Studio. Mothership is Captained by legendary glass artist Scott Deppe who has been a pioneer in the glass art industry for nearly 3 decades! Mothership has built their studio to reflect the highest end of Scientific Glass Art, combining some of the most painstaking artistic techniques with breathtaking function. 

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Made In: Germany & United States

ROOR Glass was started in Germany by legendary Glassblower Martin Birzle. Pieces that come from this studio are known as ROOR.de. We have carried ROOR.us, their sister studio in California, for over a decade!  The ROOR.us brand has two lines, the ROOR straight-shot Beakers & Tubes are the foundational line the brand is famous for, while the ROOR.Tech series features advanced percolation, custom colors and many new forms. ROOR also produces the ROOR99 series, which are high-quality glass pipes that contain a small visual flaw or blemish. Each piece that is deemed as a "Ninety Nine" piece is marked with the Ninety Nine logo and all imperfections are disclosed.  A Ninety Nine piece may contain a scratch on the glass, a blemish in the logo, or uneven sandblasting. What you will not find is imperfect angles, or a different quality of glass, the imperfections are visual only and will never interfere with the performance of the piece itself. Since these pieces are not considered 100% perfect, we and ROOR do not expect our customers to pay full price and these pieces are marked down accordingly.

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Made In: Southern California

Sovereignty Glass is one of the hottest scientific studios on the market, known for their proprietary percolators and unique designs. Founded in 2007 by now legendary glassblower, Steve, Sovereignty has consistently produced some of the most functional pieces in the industry. One of the most noteworthy percolators created by Sovereignty is the Stemline, which is essentially a mini inline that is gridded to create an abundance of holes for percolation. The high air flow of a Stemline percolator allows for the bubbles to "stack" the chamber making for an epic aesthetic as the smoke travels through the tube. Since the introduction of the Stemline, Sovereignty has produced multiple versions of this percolator, with the function varying slightly but never wavering. Typically, we receive drops from Sovereignty 3 to 4 times per year, but with the hype and demand of Sovereignty being so high, they never last long. If you are in the market for a piece from Sovereignty, make sure to keep an eye on our Upcoming Drops page to stay up to date and prepare for any upcoming drops! 

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Swiss Perc


Made In: 





Made In: New York



US Tubes


Made In:  California