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Functional Glass ArtExperts

What to Expect

This site will be a source for news about new inventory as well as upcoming Sales and Artist Events! We'll also sometimes put up product reviews, editorials, and anything else we find our customers may enjoy.

The Online Shop is a direct tap into our selection of heady and high-end glassware, shipped straight to your door! With new additions hitting the Online Shop daily, there's always something to check out!

We’ll also be launching a newsletter to get you the latest info on new happenings at our store and online. There will also be contest and give away opportunities, as well as show announcements. If you would like to be added, just check the correlating box when you sign up above!

About Us

The Cave is a family-owned Destination Smokeshop in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our family has been in the Smoke Shop industry for over two decades, and The Cave is an accumulation of everything we wanted to do: A high-end glass gallery that still has the comfortable neighborhood Smoke Shop feel.

We started from humble beginnings. The original Cave was in a small 400 square foot location on 25th Avenue in San Mateo, CA. Success came early in this endeavor, and we soon moved up the street to our current location at El Camino Real & 25th Avenue. Shortly after you first walk into The Cave, one thing will be clear, we are all about the glass! We take pride in our selection of pieces, which have been curated from the best Pipe Makers and Glass Studios in the world. One can get lost in our massive selection of scientific functional pipes and jaw-dropping artistic pieces. However, our selection does not define us as a shop. We take pride in our customer service and expertise in all the products we carry. Our clerk's are enthusiastic to answer any questions or share what they know about any particular piece.


  • A, 2499 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403
  • 650.349.2283 or 650.349.CAVE