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STASH’s 35Pack is hand made by their Master Sewers in a STASH owned facility in North America. Each hand crafted bag is inspected by a STASHteam member ensuring a high quality product. Their hands-on approach and commitment to quality consistently results in a highly durable, extra sturdy bag.

CARBON LINED, SMELL PROOF technology acts as a filter

LOCKABLE main compartment secured by and extra durable, water-resistant, rubber-coated Zipper.

WIDE-MOUTH, DOUBLE-FLAP CLOSURE. This design offers both extra protection when zipped and extra convenience when unzipped. With the new wide-mouth design you have access to all the contents of the bag without having to “dig” around, making loading and unloading easier and quicker.

The 35PACK DUFFEL’S special design makes it a perfect fit for the industry standard 27 GAL HDX TOUGH TOTE.

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