ROOR - Custom Phuncky Feel Tip - Glow Edition


Phuncky Feel Tips were created to provide avid smokers with a new, Refined - method and product to better your smoking experience. These hand-blown glass tips was co-designed by the world famous smoking accessory company ROOR and international music group Cypress Hill. These custom tips were down with GLOW glass, and will glow in the dark temporarily after being charged by a light source.  Leaving them out in the sun all day should make them glow into the night.

Note that your custom tip may not be the exact ones in the picture, and that each size can very in width, glass thickness, and color saturation. Each tip comes in a Acrylic storage jar. 

Below is a list of approximate width by size.  As mentioned above, this vary's with each colorway.


Mini 6mm
Small 8mm
Medium 9.5mm
Large 12mm
Jumbo 16mm

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