Illadelph - Killedelph Bubbler Set


Convertable Bubbler Base with 18mm and 35mm Joints

For Bubbler Configuration:

35mm to 14mm Black Showerhead Stem

14mm Multihole Slide

14mm Male to 14mm Male Adapter

18mm Mouthpiece

For Tube Configuration:

18mm Multihole Slide

35mm Percolated Mouthpiece

For Hot Hit Configuration:

18mm Hot Hit Slide

2 Hot Hit Wands

Hot Hit Wand Stand

Also Includes:

35mm & 18mm Keck Clips

Killadelph Graphics Througout

Cali Crusher X Illadelph 4 Piece Grinder

Height: Approx. 14.5"

Width of Base: Approx. 4"

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